As more companies turn to Facebook to supplement their target audience reach via advertising campaigns, research suggests that one-fourth of Facebook users who clicked on ads ended up making a purchase, suggesting the importance of leveraging Facebook to your business’s advantage.

Digital advertising agencies such as facebook advertising agency Brisbane can help you craft content that engages well with your target groups and use tools and tricks of the trade to bring your business good returns on your investment – something you may not be able to do on your own.

Hiring an agency that is competent at managing Facebook for business can free up valuable time for you to focus on the important aspects of running your business. Creating and managing Facebook campaigns and evaluating effectiveness and course correction all take up a lot of time and effort – you can devote this valuable time to furthering your business objectives.

Usually, hiring an agency to manage your digital advertising requirements costs less than hiring an in-house digital marketing/advertising team. As a business owner or lead you should also consider the skill set and expert competencies you will be paying for. When hiring an agency you have access to their entire team of copywriters, art directors, videographers and so on who are all trained and experts at what they do. When employing a digital marketer, you only have access to their campaign management skills rather than the whole gamut of skills required to ideate, create, place and monitor the campaign. 

Advertising agencies as mentioned above have people who are professionals at what they do and have a team of people who are skilled at various aspects of the business each specialising in their area of expertise. They are also ahead of new trends and developments and skills required to optimise your campaigns. You as the business owner or lead can take a big-picture view of the strategies and campaigns the agency turns out based on your business objectives to provide direction and insight rather than getting caught up in the nitty-gritty of campaign creation.

Digital advertising agencies are nimble, they can turn around a campaign quickly, work on last-minute revisions and attend to damage control or course correction quickly – advantages you may not have access to with an in-house team who may not be monitoring your account as closely or do not have the skill set to attend to changes effectively.

The advantage of working with an advertising agency is that they come with experience gained over several years working with several clients across industries and sectors giving them a lot of perspective and experience that they can use to your advantage when creating a campaign for you. This width and breadth of expertise and knowledge are what you will not have access to with an in-house digital marketing manager or if you were to handle it yourself. An agency will also have access to new tools and software which a business may not be able to afford.

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