Put simply, the simplest 4X4 will take you out of town for a quiet stay in the wilderness. However, you soon begin to learn the limitation of a stock configuration and see how everything can become a lot more relaxed and pleasant with a few choices of modifications added to the mix. Here’s our collection of 4X4 parts that we could never do without.

The 12V Mighty Fridge

Though we enjoy getting away from civilization in our own little part of the bush, we don’t want to give away any luxury that households can offer. Take the 12V refrigerator, for instance. Nothing is worse than a hot drink, and to say you’re enjoying it. Ditto for milk powder; although it does the task, it’s not the same thing. Is there anything finer than a cold drink at the close of an entire day behind the wheel?

The Bullbar

Perhaps the uncelebrated hero of the 4X4 rig, the Bullbar is often the doorway component on the road to a well-sorted off-road vehicle. Acquiring all-important front safety from items like wild bushland and wild animals, the front also helps you to engage in other essential items such as ariels, winches and driving headlights.

There are various bars specifically for different 4x4s. For instance, for the Isuzu DMAX, you can find a compatible DMAX bullbar.

Off-road Tires

Very often the corner stone of a new 4X4 investment, the freeway tyres, though steady and well-managed, really don’t cut it down on a real 4X4 when it gets rough. There are times of rugged and chaotic cross play off road tires, but now you can really have your cake and eat it too. Investing money on a new set of wheels is always a worthwhile option, allowing your 4X4 to run at its best on and off the highway for tens of thousands of kilometres in the future. They look great, too!

The Roof Rack

If you’re planning on going on the road for some time, you want to make sure you have it all. There’s not always space for everyone in the car, particularly when the entire group is traveling. Roof racks enable you to carry those larger, heavier items out of the way and open up precious space in the vehicle. Placing far too much bulky stuff on top, though will weaken your centre of gravity too much so be careful about where you place stuff.

The Air Compressor

Deflate away from civilization with trust, knowing perfectly well that you can bring them up when you really need to. The compressor is essential for 4X4ing; as the ideal tire pressures you can run can vary widely with the circumstances you encounter off the lane. Air can also be used to refasten a bead on a tire (if it’s strong enough and blast dust from delicate parts, making it a genuine god send.

These are some of the must-have essentials for an off-road vehicle. Start here and then move on to advanced components and accessories.

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